Let's establish something right off the bat. Regardless of where you fall on the vaping spectrum, you cannot deny that vape tricks are cool.

In fact, they are so cool that many conventions and shows that have vape tricks, most of the times, are completely sold out! So, if you happen to be a vaper and you always wanted to learn how to do vape tricks, this story is for you.

For the purpose of this post, though, we are going to divide the tricks we are about to suggest into two main categories which are:

    Tricks for beginners
    Tricks for advanced vapers

But first things first.
Why Should You Learn How To Cloud-Chase?

Vape tricks is a controversial topic. Many believe that the rising popularity of vaping is due to pop culture promoting it as the next big trend or a cool hobby. The same people suggest that vape tricks are also responsible for this false image.

So, we are not here to suggest that vaping is for everybody, but if you are currently a smoker or an adult who is interested in trying vaping, then why not also learn some cool vape tricks while you're at it.

If you are asking yourself, why would someone even bother to learn some vape tricks, the answer is because it is just fun. That's all!

Oh, and if you're wondering what the term "cloud-chasing" is, it's basically when a vaper blows huge plumps of vapor which, in vaping tricks, is highly recommended.

Let's get back to business, though, and take a look at five tricks for beginners, and then five more for experienced vapers.
5 Vape Tricks For Beginners

We are not suggesting that the tricks we are going to talk about now are extremely easy for a newbie, but they require much less practice than the advanced tricks you are going to read in the next subcategory.

Keep reading for five, relatively, easy vape tricks!
1. Vapor Bubbles

We are beginning with something that almost anyone can do. To achieve the perfect Vapor Bubbles, you do not need any advanced or sophisticated vaping skills.

Needless to say how cool and impressive they look.
How To Do It:

The first thing you are going to need is a circular object to blow bubbles out of. Most vapers use the top half of a water bottle. Take a bowl and put some water and dish soap in it.

Take a big puff of vapor and dip your circular object into the soapy water. Now, blow the vapor into the object and you will create an amazing vapor bubble. Watch this video and see how great this trick looks.
2. Vape Rings

You have definitely seen cowboys or "the bad guys" in many films doing this trick with traditional, analog cigarettes. In vaping, we are talking about next level rings that look thicker and cooler.
How To Do It:

Inhale vapor and try to keep it toward the back of your throat. While forming your mouth into an "O" shape, try to exhale using just your throat in a short pulsing motion. Yes, exactly like a subtle cough would feel.
3. French Inhale

There are many tricks with the word "inhale" attached to them. However, this one might be the easiest one although it looks really cool.
How To Do It:

When you let your vapor come out of your mouth, make sure you do it smoothly and naturally. While it is coming out, inhale your vapor through your nose.

The tricky part is that you have to let the vapor settle in your mouth and then open it so it goes out without you having to blow it. As the vapor rises, inhale it using your nose and allow it to go into your nostrils just like VapeChilla in this video.
4. Bull Rings

By combining Vape Rings and the French Inhale, you get this great stunt. So, before you proceed, make sure you have mastered both of the tricks mentioned above.
How To Do It:

First, blow a smoke ring just like you would normally do but do it slowly. This way, the ring will not go too far away from your face. Now, this is where things start to get serious.

As your ring is flying close to your face, you need to inhale it through your nose just like you would do while performing French Inhale.

The reason this trick is called "Bull Rings" is because when you blow out the ring close to your nose, it looks like a nose ring. See for yourselves here!
5. The Vape Bend

As a beginner, this should be the most challenging trick to master. The Vape Bend (or Bend O's, as many people call it) is, basically, the manipulation of your O's.
How To Do It:

First, blow a vape ring just like you would normally do. Then, using your fingers and your palms, reach out to bend it and change its direction. However, keep in mind that the ring should be thick, small, and symmetric.

This way it will be really impressive and people will keep asking for more. Watch this video for more.
5 Vape Tricks For Advanced Vapers

Now that you have mastered the beginner vape tricks, it is time to take it to the next level with some cool vape tricks for advanced vapers. They certainly require more practice, but we do believe in you.

Keep reading for more!
1. The Jellyfish

Some vapers call it "The Atomic Bomb." Others call it "The Forcefield." We prefer to refer to it as "The Jellyfish." No matter how you want to call it, this is one of the most impressive vape tricks out there and you should definitely learn how to do it if you want to wow your audience.
How To Do It:

First, you need to blow a great, even, large vape ring. Then, slow it down by putting your palm behind it and, immediately, blow another, smaller ring through the center of the slowed larger ring.

When done correctly, the two rings will combine into a shape which looks like a jellyfish.
2. The Tornado

This is one of the coolest tricks for advanced vapers and one of the most popular among the community. The only thing you need to do is to blow a huge cloud of vapor onto a flat surface. The color of the surface should preferably be dark so you can see the vapor.
How To Do It:

So, the first thing you want to do is to exhale vapor on the surface and make it as thick as possible. Then using your hand, chop at the surface and flick your wrist up and lift your arm.

It may take some practice but after a couple of times, you will definitely see that swirling effect.
3. Bane Inhale

Remember when we said there are many "inhale" tricks? This is one of those but maybe the most impressive of all. The trick got its name from the Batman villain, Bane, whose mask looks pretty much like the trick itself.
How To Do It:

First, you need to master the French Inhale. Then instead of letting your vapor go out of your mouth naturally, you need to put your top teeth on top of your bottom lip.

The vapor will go through the small spaces between your teeth as you are exhaling slowly. Then, quickly, inhale from your nose and you will have created Bane's mask.

See how cool it looks here!
4. Blowing Triangles

We know what you are thinking. That this is not possible at all. Well, allow us to tell you that it is and it looks amazing! And no, you don't have to form your lips into a triangle shape.
How To Do It:

First of all, you need to create a thick, dense vape ring exactly like we described above. Then, using your hands, you push the ring and tap the sides to make it bend into a triangle.

This is one of the most difficult tricks to achieve because you need to have perfect timing and density. Remember that it takes a lot of time to master!

Click here to watch a great, full tutorial by Vape Capitol
5. The Triple Shark Split

This is one of the most advanced and hard tricks to pull off and it requires a lot of practice and expertise.

For a triple shark split, the vaper blows an O and inhales one of its corners. The O then stretches and splits off into three separate O's. You see?

Even explaining the trick is hard.
How To Do It:

Create a small to medium O. Inhale one of its corners as you whip your head around it and you are stretching it as far as you can. A great tip is to inhale as if you were sucking on a straw. Then, quickly, open your mouth and turn your face away. The three O's will split and shoot in different directions.

We know. This was not really helpful. Watch this video to see the trick in action.
The Top 3 Cloud-Chasers Out There

Now that we've talked about the best tricks you need to try, let's take a look at some of the best artists out there. By keeping an eye on these vape-trick-masters, you are simply going to learn a lot.
1. Zach Berge

Berge is a celebrity in the vaping community, mainly because he was one of the first vapers to post his tricks on Vine. Now that Vine has closed, he uses Instagram as his main platform.

His tricks? Mind-blowing.
2. Manny Urzua

Manny Urzua is a champion. Literally. He has won the VC Cloud Trick Championship, a popular Las Vegas-based competition in which some of the best cloud-chasers participate.

His social media following is not that great for now, but he is one of the best up and coming names in the vape tricks community.
Japan Trick Factory

The Japan Trick Factory team claims to be Japan's number one vaping team. Sure, they are not international superstars since their followers come mainly from their country, but they just keep growing.

Just take a look at their Instagram page!
Additional Cloud Chasing Tips

Now, you know how to perform some of the coolest vaping tricks. However, we have included some additional tips to make your life much easier! Here you are:
1. E-Liquid

The very first thing you need to look at if you want to become a vaping expert is your e-liquid. When people simply vape, a great ratio to start with would be 50% propylene glycol (PG) and 50% vegetable glycerin (VG).

In fact, this is a great ratio for people who switch from analog cigarettes to vaping because it's smooth to the throat.

However, when you want to produce huge plumes of vapor, you need high VG e-liquids because of their thick density which leads to thicker clouds. A great VG-PG ratio would be 70/30. It is great for vapor production, throat hit, and flavor.

If you want to become a professional cloud-chaser, though, you may consider using a Max VG (100%) e-liquid.
2. Airflow

Airflow is important but you should also keep it in mind for safety reasons. You see, if you don't leave enough air to escape, your mod might overheat or even explode, but if too much air is escaping, your clouds are going to be really thin.

Configure your device's settings and find what best matches your needs.
3. Inhaling - Exhaling

Yes, you need to get yourself the right juices, a great device, watch hours of vape trick videos, but you also need to train. One of the areas you should focus on is your inhaling - exhaling technique.

Get to know how fast you have to exhale, how to keep the vapor toward the back of your throat and more. Trust us, yo